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What is Travatan Z Eye Drops

Travatan Z eye drops are medically used to reduce the Intraocular pressure (IOP) in the eye usually due to glaucoma. These eye drops are prescribed mainly when no other remedies or medications have been successful in doing so. Travatan Z eye drops are also prescribed to patients when they have sensitivities to benzalkanium chloride since Travatan Z eye drops contain a sofZIA preservative system instead.

How does it work

Travatan Z eye drops work by promoting drainage of the aqueous fluid in the eye. By doing so, this lowers the intraocular pressure and helps to lower the eye pressure and prevent damage to the optic nerve which otherwise can lead to vision loss in the eye. This drug is helpful in patients with glaucoma.

How is it applied

Travatan Z eye drops are applied as droplets into the eye. The lower eyelid is pulled down to form a pouch and a drop once a day is placed into the pouch of the lower eyelid. These eye drops should not be put in while contacts are being worn. In this case remove the contact, place a drop of Travatan into the eye and replace the contact after waiting at least 15 minutes time. Any other eye medications or drops can be used with Travatan however, they should not be put into the eye at the same time as Travatan Z, wait at least 5 minutes in between medications.

Side Effects

Over the course of months to years, the use of Travatan Z eye drops can leads to the permanent darkening of the iris and or the eyelid itself. Travatan can also increase the darkness, length and thickness of eyelashes which may be very noticeable if only used on one eye.

Side effects of Travatan Z eye drops range from redness of the eye which is common, to decreased vision, eye discomfort, eye pain, itching of the eye, sensation of something in the eyes.

Other Names

Travatan Z eye drop
Brand name -Travatan
Generic name - Travoprost

Active ingredient - Travoprost
Inactive ingredients - polyoxyl 40 hydrogenated caster oil, sofZIA (boric acid, propylene and hydrochloric acid, purified water, UPS.

Safety Information:

Travatan Z eye drops is not recommended for use in children, pregnant women, or any women who are planning to conceive, or any women who is breast-feeding. Do not use this product with contact lenses in the eye.Avoid Travatan if you are allergic to Travoprost, or any other ingredients in Travatan Z.Contact your doctor if you experience any eye discomfort or irritation. Consult your doctor before using Travatan if you have conjunctivitis, or eye surgery. Any inflammation of the eye should be reported to your doctor.


Recommended dosage is 1 drop, once a day given in the evening in the affected eye or eyes. If a dose is missed, take the missed dose as soon as remembered and continue the regular scheduled doses. If the missed dose is close to the regular dose, skip it and stay with the regular schedule.

There are no reported interactions with food or drugs. Store at room temperature and out of reach of children.

Visual Description:

Tratavan Z eye drops come in a natural polypropylene dispenser bottle with a natural polypropylene dropper to measure the dose. It has a turquoise polypropylene over cap. The liquid is a clear to slightly yellow oil that is soluble in water.