Top 10 Medical Conditions

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  1. Buy Blood Pressure Medications 702 in stock
  2. Buy Asthma Medications 212 in stock
  3. Buy Depression Medications 208 in stock
  4. Buy Cholesterol Medications 201 in stock
  5. Buy Diabetes Medications 189 in stock
  6. Buy Mood Disorder Medications 168 in stock
  7. Buy Bacterial Medications 117 in stock
  8. Buy Stomach Ulcers Medications 116 in stock
  9. Buy Heart Medications 114 in stock
  10. Buy Allergies Medications 112 in stock

* Based on sales of December 2009

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Top 10 Prescription Drugs

A prescription is required to purchase these brand and generic medications:

  1. Buy Plavix 75 mg Rx
  2. Buy Lipitor 20 mg Rx
  3. Buy Advair Diskus 250mg/50mcg Rx
  4. Buy Celebrex 200 mg Rx
  5. Buy Nexium 40 mg Rx
  6. Buy Flomax CR 0.400 mg Rx
  7. Buy Actos 30 mg Rx
  8. Buy Arimidex 1 mg Rx
  9. Buy Norvasc 5 mg Rx
  10. Buy Nuvaring 11.4mg/2.6mg Rx

* Based on sales of December 2009

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Top 10 Over The Counter OTC

Buy over the counter (OTC) drugs without a prescription:

  1. Buy Lantus NO Rx
  2. Buy Allegra D 12h NO Rx
  3. Buy Sudocrem NO Rx
  4. Buy Cetirizine NO Rx
  5. Buy Humulin N NO Rx
  6. Buy Robaxin NO Rx
  7. Buy Drysol Dab On NO Rx
  8. Buy Fluticasone nasal spray NO Rx
  9. Buy Tadalafil NO Rx
  10. Buy Humulin R NO Rx

* Based on sales of December 2009

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